YUCK!!! Don't even think about staying here! A review of Hilton Newark Airport

YUCK!! I stayed at this hotel in December 2003. In planning another overnight stay at Newark Airport before a vacation, I remembered how bad this hotel was.

I checked in around 9 pm and had an early morning flight out.

The lobby is nice, but kind of weathered and worn. It was not impressive. Got to the room and was looking forward to some good sleep. I arrived and it was a basic room with a terrible bathroom. Cigarette burns on the toilette and counter. Very cheaply done with wallpaper peeling away from the wall.

The bed was hard and very very uncomfortable. The pillows were like pancakes and the blankes were old and worn.

Room was lousy, basically.

That was the worst night's sleep I have ever had. the neighbor's phone ringing all night. I heard him talking all night. Cell phones ringing and banging and talking and doors opening and closing. It was insanity. Also the air conditioner was soooo loud. I couldn't get any sleep. Staff did not care either. They never answered their phone for me either.

I would never wish this hotel on anyone.

Couldn't wait to get out of this hotel in the morning. Please do not stay here. Save yourself!

I think I will stay at the Marriott or Sheraton this time.

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