You'll Fall in Love All Over Again! A review of Paradise Stream Resort

This place is HEAVEN! My husband and I go every chance we get and it is the most relaxing resort on earth. We always get the Garden of Eden Apple room. It's pricey, but your own private pool and the jacuzzi in the room are the epitome of relaxation and romance. The food is also wonderful, and breakfast and dinner are included in the price, making the total cost not as "painful". Only downfall is that the meals are all group seating. If you want to dine alone as a couple you have to ask for special permission, and the seating hostess usually makes it seem like you're asking for the moon just because you don't want to sit with 8 strangers on your romantic vacation.All in all it is definitely the best place to go for romance and solitude. It is definitely a splurge, but with 4 kids, a dog, a cat a busy jobs back home, it is the ultimate romantic vacation that is guaranteed to keep the romance alive. You'll fall in love all over again every time you stay.

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Paradise Stream Resort
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