You like BEDBUGS, BUMS and LOUD NEIGHBORS, visit this dump! A review of Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel

My boyfriend and me made the mistake of believing this dump's website.

The "rooms" are actually cubicles that have no roof, the walls are merely partitions that don't even extend to the ceiling, so you hear every single noise your neighbors make, making it difficult to sleep or get any real rest. The building also houses several unsavory bum-types who lurk guy who was trying to pick me up was almost seven feet tall and smelled like he never bathes...he was truly scary and I felt real nervous until I went upstairs. Some of the original bums from the old days still live here, and they must be carrying a lot of BEDBUGS, because my boyfriend and I were severely bitten for 2 nights in a row. We complained and were given 2 nights credit, but I doubt that the clowns running this place have any clue about how to deal with their problem...I know cause my brother is a professional exterminator. Avoid this place unless you're in a graduate studies program majoring in parasites and insects.

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Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel
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