You know that you're in trouble when... A review of The Reef Atlantis

You know that you're in trouble when Starbucks food is the best deal in town.

The room was nice. Was it nicer than others of that price range-no. But had a good sized tv, a decent computer option, a well-organized kitchenette, nice linens, a roomy and pretty bathroom area.

We arrived late-ish and the kids wanted a family treat-room service! Menu looked ok too. But really, a piece, a piece of cheesecake for $20.00?! Some spaghetti for $38.00?! So, no.

The pools were all pretty, the grounds meticulous. Entertainment at the pools was good. Lots of screaming kids. The booths at the pools which had meals for not-too-bad prices still charged 15% to hand you a burger or a drink. And then had the audacity to add in a line for "extra gratuity". No. The expensive restaurants-good, but does a buffet have to cost $60.00 too?!

There were kids/teen clubs. $18.00. No. The kids enjoyed the dolphin experience.

In general, there was very little to do when the sun went down, which is good for a family like mine-we got to spend more time together, but it would not have been bad to have a little bit more happening.

So no, I'm not going to say that it was my favorite vacation, though my kids seemed to like it. I think I'd prefer an all-inclusive or a good S. Florida hotel, both with less stress due to the hugely inflated prices and mandatory tipping even if there is no service, and few after-sun options. And, my mistake, I didn't realize that the weather could be so variable!

A pretty spot, but I don't get it.

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