You Gotta Loved "Service" in De-triot A review of Adoba Hotel

Ah, I always love staying in nice hotels in my own hometown: instead of service you get attitude. Who trains these people, the engineers at Ford's R&D? Consistently poor service (well, perhaps, clueless service would be more accurate) and only moderately welcoming decor. Though the hotel was refurbished in the last few years, it is beginning, again, to show serious signs of wear and tear and inadequate cleaning. And the pool area was never updated- gotta love the orange, brown, and blue "skylights" - same stuff that was there when I was in high school over 20 years ago.

Of course, the Hyatt gets away with this because there's only one other major hotel (the Ritz Carlton) in this category in the whole city of Dearborn - and the location across from the Glass House (Ford WHQ) can't be beat if that's where you've got to be in the morning...

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