You get what you pay for A review of La Quinta Inn & Suites Minneapolis Bloomington W

I am starting to see a pattern in the reviews for this hotel. They are either very nice or very bad and it seems to correspond with the amount of money the person paid for the room.

I have noticed that all of the previous reviews that said their rooms were in poor shape got the room at a reduced rate. I am starting to wonder if this hotel reserves its rooms that desperately need renovation for those of us who secure a discounted rate.

When I booked our room the hotel listed the nightly rate at 125.00/night. I was able to get a prepaid rate of 69.00/night.

Before we went on our trip I read a review where someone said there were burn marks from an iron all over the floor. Either this hotel has some freak ironing accidents or I was unlucky enough to get the same room. (rm 712)

We also had to call maintenence to our room because the sink was clogged when we checked in and the air conditioning wasn't working properly.

The hotel staff is friendly and responded quickly but the room was in bad shape. Overall, I can't complain for 69.00/night, especially since we didn't spend much time in the room. There is no way we would have stayed there for the 125.00/ night rate because there are so many other hotels close by that are in better shape for the same price. I guess that is what the hotel banks on. They must figure that most of their guests won't complain about such room conditions if the general areas of the hotel are nice and staff is friendly, especially if they received a discounted rate.

The reviewers that commented on the pillowtop mattresses must have paid full price because our room did not have these.

Also, it is important if you are with children to be wary of the balconies. These are dangerous. They are not deep enough to put a chair out and sit on and the bars are very far apart. It would be very easy for a small child to slip through the bars and fall. If you stay here with small children either ask for the ground floor or make sure the sliding glass door locks.

One positive thing is that this hotel does have a business center that has free internet. My husband needed to do some work and didn't have a laptop with him so it was nice that he could go and use the business center computers without an extra charge.

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