You don't get what you paid for here! A review of Horseshoe Bay Resort

This resort is trying to be first class but, it's only average. We reserved a spa package for $259.00 a night for two nights. This package includes two massages and daily breakfast. I reserved the massages for my husband and I a week ahead to insure that we would get the massages when we wanted them. When we got there , we learned that they had only one of the massages reserved instead of two and they were completely full for the rest of the time we would be there. I had to go to the spa (of which they told me that Marriott messes up their schedules all the time) to try to work something out with them. Apparently , the spa is a separate business from the Marriott and I would definitely schedule with the spa separately without going through the Marriott if I had to do it all again.

We were suppose to get breakfast included in our package but, they kept charging it (27.00) to our room so, I had to go down and straighten that out. I found myself calling or going down to the front desk to straighten out communication problems about three times with them. They weren't very polite or apologetic about their mistakes .

Our room was very small and overlooked the roof top of the building which I would think for the price we paid we would recieve a better room than that. It stated a resort view so, beware of that.

It did have very nice grounds and the beds were comfortable but, that's pretty average so, I would not return to this establishment unless it was for an average price. You don't get what you paid for here.

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