You'd better like neon! A review of Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

Everything at The Peppermill was first rate, friendly people, sparkling clean, good food at reasonable rates. and a very large comfy room and a huge array of casino games. The only thing that kept me from giving it a 5 is that the interior design is anything but subtle or tasteful. My husband described it as a cross between "Early Bordello" and "Art Deco Gone Bad." It is done all in purple, fuschia, teal, aqua, gray and black with enough neon, tube lighting and mirrors inside to light up a third world contry! Our room was all in purple with pink chairs and black carpet - yikes! The hallway walls in the towers are all lined in an ugly gray carpet material. The casino and lobby are filled with neon lights, and when combined with the chrome-like tiles on the ceiling, makes for a visual overload that makes it hard to get your bearings.

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