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Not worth it by any stretch. Let's start with the reservation. They quickly replied to my inquiry, quoting prices that were higher than what they advertise on their website! When I pointed this out they agreed to charge me their posted rates.

Then the airport pickup. They charged me $7 for this, and there were actually 2 of us being picked up at this one time, so $14 for them. This is definately a rip off, take a cab yourself from the airport to Pham Ngu Lao and it'll cost you at most 60,000 dong, regardless of how many people are in it. Your cab driver will no doubt try and stick you with a fixed price in US $, but demand he use the meter. Threaten to get out if he doesn't. I found this works well. He may try to rip you off again on arrival so have exact change ready.

Now about the hotel and the room itself. Quaint in some ways, pretty old and shabby in others. Toliet leaked, staff were noisy at 6am, and the sink took literally an hour to drain. I asked twice for this be fixed and nothing was done. And the room is waaaay too expensive! Even with the eventual discount I got (see below) it was far too expensive.

Resturant: Overpriced, small portions, and nothing to write home about. You can find cheaper and better places 20 seconds away.

Regarding the discount: there is a discount advertised on their website if you stay a certain # of nights, plus another discount if you're a student. I decided to test their honesty and said I was staying for 4 nights (which was true), how about a discount. They said no. Only after I mentioned their website advertised it did they agree. Next I brought up the student discount. Problem: They also didn't believe I was a student ("You look too old!" - I'm a graduate student) and scrutinized my ID for 5 minutes before agreeing to the discount, but revoking the multiple night discount in exchange.

Finally when I went to check out, what a discount applied to my bill, despite the fact it was prepared by the same woman with whom I had had all these discussions! I was expecting this so I wasn't terribly shocked, however I thought it was pretty shameless.

In closing: you can definately find better, especially in this neighbourhood! Shop around, later I ended up getting a room one street over in a much newer and cleaner hotel for half the price.

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Bi & Bee Saigon Hotel & Restaurant
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