You call this a Mountain Resort A review of Zermatt Resort & Spa

Recently stayed at the Zermatt for an annual conference which normally is held at the Homestead. If you want a quiet mountain setting the Zermatt is not it. The biggest concern to me was the bright lights. They lighting inside and out is so bright you can not even see the stars. There are numerous natural hot pods on the property which are now fenced off with red lighting inside the pods. There are cement paths throughout the property and cement parking lots and cement everything. Not much natural landscaping left. The resort itself has this faux swiss design which basically covers up a big cement buidling which could be a holiday inn in swiss. Plus there are huge HVAC units throughout the property which are extremely loud all the time which takes away from the quiet serene enviroment expected in the mountains.

I stayed in one of 5 penthouse rooms on the top floor so noise was not a factor except the heating/cooling system comes on and off all night. The evenings were cool and I would have liked to have opened the door for fresh air but the heating system kicks on to maintain a certain temperature so it never goes off. This was probably a good thing because with the door open I would have had to endured the bright lights. My guess is the townhomes and villas are the best bet for more privacy and comfort. They are located in separate buildings away from the main resort so I imagine quieter.

The food was okay everything is german/swiss style if you like sauerkraut and brautworst. I was not impressed. There are several very good restaurants in the area such as the Blue Boar Inn which is another quaint B&B just up the road.

I definitely prefer the Homestead which is quiet and peaceful with a country feel which is what Midway Utah is all about. If you want a fake mega brightly lite resort in the mountains than this is the place otherwise I would check out other places in the area.

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