Yikes!!!!! A review of Jamaica Bay Inn

Let's start with the positive. The hotel has a fantastic view of the marina if you happen to be on that side. That's it for good points! We were booked into a marina view room for six nights and only stayed one. Our one night stay was quite peaceful and were looking forward to a great vacation until the second night (a Thursday). The Mexican restaurant opened around 7:00 pm that night and the music got gradually louder until it closed at 12:00 am (15 minutes after we lodged a complaint to the Sheriff's office-- coincidence..?).We inquired about the ruckus at 10:00 pm and were told that the restaurant is not part of the hotel (even though it is connected, over looks the pool ("how's your shrimp honey, ooo look at that bathing suit!" ) and is 10' or so from the pool, same owner maybe?) but they had a great relationship with them and the night manager would call over. He then expressed that they normally only go to 10:30 pm on Thursdays but go latter on Fridays and Saturdays, usually until 2:00 am. At 11:00 pm I called down and did my own song and dance with the threat of lodging a noise complain which I was told was not necessary, the restaurant should be closing at any minute. At 11:30 pm we lodged the complaint and left for a different hotel. What a way to start a vacation. We had originally chosen the hotel over another for its brand name, which usually assures you of some sort of quality in lodging, sadly this was not the case. If you are into the over 50 in age party scene you may want to consider this hotel, if not avoid at all cost!

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