Wow>>wow>>wow!!! A review of Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort & Casino

Reading over the reviews by some other travelers, I am amazed that anyone has anything bad to say about this hotel. I AGREE people move way too SLOWLY on this Island, but its that way ALL over, even in the Atlantis! Its the nature of the area. We all have to remember that we are not in the US where we expect things given to us as soon as we ask for them!! I LOVED this hotel. We had actually booked the rotten RIU on Paradise Island and checked out after a brief tour of the place. What a DUMP! It was the manager of the RIU that sent us here as he thought it was one of the best properties on the Island. Doesn't that tell you something?

The food was great, the rooms were brand new with flat screen TVs, clean beyond belief, quiet, beautifully decorated and three warm, clean pools. I cannot imagine how anyone can complain about this hotel.

I have learned one very important thing, ALWAYS stay in an American owned hotel. They gear everything to please the American traveler not like at the Spainish owned RIU Hotel where the soaps were made in Spain and the tv shows were in spanish. Maybe some people like that sort of thing, but it doesn't float my boat!!!!

When reading reviews, realize some TRIPADVISOR comments are negative not because of the hotel they stayed in, but because they did not like the Bahamas. Ask me if I would go back to the Bahamas and I will honestly say no. I enjoyed Bermuda and St Thomas a lot more.

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