WOW- Move on down the street!!! A review of Northwoods Inn

WOW, I am not sure words can explain the condition of the "newly renovated" hotel? We were there with a hockey team so we are use to being put in the crummy part of the hotel but, this was beyond that.

Several of our families arrived at 4am the morning prior to our arrival and checked in and out before the paper work was completed.. When I arrived and checked into the room we did not unpack and mind you I had 3 skaters and thier bags so I am use to adverse conditions..

When I went to the front desk to ask about the renovated rooms they said they had a few and were our other families coming back? I have to say the staff was very helpful and accommadating. Since we were one of the 1st teams to check in I was able to pick the best(???) rooms. Needless to say there was a hockey tournament and ALL other hotels were full.

I will just get to the meat of the property:::


The staff was VERY accommadating and nice

Yes, the location on main street was great

The food we ordered to our room was good

Oh yeah price, you get what you pay for!!!


WELL-- The parking situation is awful!!!

Let's see we had to clean our own rooms since the cleaning staff was gone, I was able to at least get a cleaning cart.

My husband cleaned the bathrooms which was a 1st

The elevators were beyond scarry- One the hockey bags did not fit in them so we carried them 5 flights several times daily, they would just stop, Not to mention the toilet plunger and other debris in them.

There were dead bugs, holes in the ceiling, walls, exposed pipes and ALL furniture was stained, the sheets were also stained and please do not take the pillow cases off!!! To end it all we had cold water the morning after checking in!!!

As a group we decided to make light of the situation and enjoy the Olympic experience for the kids, since our other option was to just cry!!! We had a family stay a few extra days, pre planned, and learned that the property was foreclosed, should have been condemed!!

I would hope that the new owners who took over in July 05 are making the needed improvements but, from reading a review from January of 06 they are far from there.. It has been 6 months and new beds are nice but, the structure, windows, padding in the carpet and common areas need to be addressed.

I am and Interval member, and this Inn is also in Interval, and as a trade I would be truely dissappointed in the quality of this hotel/Inn.

Our hotel has never had an issue with "dead bugs" and frankly I am appalled that we are advertising to the world such a preposterous claim. As to the issue of not having cleaning service, our housekeeping staff is dedicated and committed to offering our guests full housekeeping services and absolute cleanliness. We do not enter rooms with "Do Not Disturb" signs and it may have been removed in the evening after our staff had left. I am sorry for the inconvenience of having you clean your own room and would never want that to happen to any of our guests. We will be certain to address this issue for future guests.

We recently purchased the Northwoods Inn and continue to make drastic improvements daily. I am sorry for the difficulties you experienced and would NEVER want any of our guests to experience the same. Currently, we are installing a brand new elevator and completely renovating our bar.

The youth hockey programs are a valued group for our hotel and we look forward to a long and wonderful relationship with these organizations. Please feel free to contact me if you plan to return to Lake Placid.

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