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Please take my review seriously, because I am in no way joking or lying about my stay at the Historic Santa Maria Inn. I stayed there for one night recently, and would not go back ever. The rooms were nice, the help was nice, and the food was good, but something else will forever prevent me from going back. From the moment I stepeed foot in the lobby of the Inn, I got this strange feeling. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it felt very cold in the Inn. That night I swore to my brother that this Inn was haunted. Aside from being extremely cold, there were no one else staying in the same hall as my family. As expected, I received all laughs and mocks from my family. That night I went to sleep at 3 am....right after my brother. I suddenly awoke to find myself in a position that I have never slept in before in my life.....arms straight out to my side, and my legs slightly spread, while laying on my back. I felt pressure on every part of my body and couldn't move despite the struggle I put up. I then felt the mattress of my bed (by my right arm) dip down as if someone were leaning on it and heard a voice that I could not make out what it said......After the initial fright I tried desparately to call for my brother but found that I couldn't talk either. After a couple of minutes I was able to move again. Frozen by the experience I just had, I was too scared to do anything and eventually fell asleep. I never felt of saw anything afterwards, but I will never go back to that Inn after the experience that I had. Please do not think that everyone there will experience what I have, because my other family members did not feel or see anything and claimed to have a great nights sleep. I just thought I would share this chilling experience with you so that you are aware of what may happen.

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