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I'm sorry to say that I can't agree with the other positive reviews. I gave it 2 stars for: staff being pleasant, yet not overly accomodating and the grounds/breakfast/location. That said, while the breakfast is good, it is overpriced. Where they get you is the fact that they are hardly any places for breakfast within walking distance. $10 for eggs benedict?!

Yet, our biggest gripe was the size of the room, including the bathroom. Others have mentioned that their rooms were small, but we thought our room and bathroom was incredibly small. The shower was exactly the size of a shower on a cruiseship and I can't tell you how many times I nearly hit my head on the sink trying to use the toilet! This is the smallest room we've even stayed in and that includes budget hotels like Red Roof Inn! Oh, and the "closet" is in the bathroom (who has a closet in a bathroom?!). Granted, we didn't spend much time in the room, but we thought the price tag of $189 was extreme for the accomodations - and we have stayed in rooms that have ranged in price from $60 per night to $600 per night. It was so small that we kept the Do Not Disturb sign on the entire stay (6 nights) because there was really nowhere for a housekeeper to walk around and to clean!

Our other gripe was the fact that when I called to book the room, I asked about the noise level and wanted a room with the least amount. The woman on the phone suggested a Riverside room on the corner. We were in room 227 and it was located right beside the parking lot. Just to make you aware, there is a big parking lot right in front/beside the hotel for the shops...in which we were awoken at 6:30am EVERY SINGLE morning when the trash trucks would come. When we asked about switching rooms, the gentleman at the front desk told us the only room available for the week was at the Wharfside and that room was actually smaller than ours! Go figure! I understood that he couldn't help that the rooms were booked, but some type of apology or statement of understanding would have gone a long way.

The "front desk" staff were helpful for the most part (i.e. dinner reservations, directions, etc.), but when we checked out, we were never asked how our stay was. Perhaps they already knew??

We're not picky people - all we require is a nice, clean, quiet room. Kennebunkport Inn did not fit that bill. I would only recommend staying here if you stay in a Mansion or Federal room. We would probably go back and try the Cape Arundel Inn or the Ocean View - both on the water. If you're looking to stay in town, King's Port Inn looked pretty nice (and a reasonable $$) and it was right up the street from the Inn.

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