Would Not Reccomend! A review of Sheraton Bloomington

My friend and I have just returned from a trip to the Sofitel Minneapolis (February 20th-22nd). For months we had planned our "Girl's Shop Till You Drop" getaway and thought we had picked the perfect "4 star" hotel. The word disappointed does not even begin to describe how we felt! Here's what we didn't like:

1) This hotel advertised that it had free shuttle service to and from the airport and the Mall of America. While waiting (FOR OVER AN HOUR) to be picked up at the airport we saw several shuttles from other hotels come through 4 or 5 times. When we finally got to the hotel we had to sit around for over an hour waiting for that one shuttle van to come back to the hotel and pick us up, because they didn't mention that the shuttle only went to the Mall and back every 2 hours. The drivers are creepy, and try to cover up the fact that they have been smoking in the van in between pick-ups with a cheap bathroom air freshner. The drivers are not friendly at all!! If your not out there exactly at the pick-up time you will be left behind. They do not even wait for one second after the scheduled pick-up time! On our last day there we went down to catch the shuttle and ended up missing it somehow even though we were there waiting on time. We had to take the Hotel's taxi service to the Mall ($15.00) because we didn't want to wait 2 hours for the next one (hotel staff was not helpful at all with this and was very indifferent). When we were picked up at the Mall the driver showed up in a red unmarked van. No one bothered to tell us that they had switched vehicles (the van had always been a white marked one before this), which is why we missed it in the morning because we were looking for the other van! The driver almost killed us on the way to the airport. It was worse than the taxi ride we took in Mexico.

2) The rooms look NOTHING like the pictures posted on the internet. This hotel is worse than 2 and 3 stars that I have stayed in before. The only word we kept saying about this hotel is YUCK! The room looked unkempt, and there was not a top sheet on the bed (ewwwwww) just the duvet cover!

3) When we bought our luugage down to be stored our last day, it sat out at the desk for over a half an hour. Then it took over 15 minutes when we wanted to retrieve our suitcases while they had to track down the concierge to unlock the closet. HELLO???-no one else in the hotel has a key to this closet??????

Here's what we did like about this hotel: NOTHING!!!

We would strongly reccomend that if you are considering staying at this hotel that you RECONSIDER!

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