Would never stay again A review of Billings Hotel & Convention Center

The Billings Hotel & Convention Center was the worst place I have ever stayed. I will never stay there again. Our room was located around the side of the building towards the back, it was very dark and the entrance door was not locked. Our room was a very short distance from that door. This door was never locked. It was left unlocked all night.

You were not able to get to the lobby from this area. You had to go outside around to the front entrance. This is the only way to get to the pool as well (in Montana it can get pretty cold). At 1:00 am some people from the bar were in the hall talking very loudly. We called up to the front desk and nothing was done. It finally stopped about an hour later. Of course this didn't help my son who had a gymnastics meet at 8:00 am.

I requesed a 5:45 am wake up call, I never got it! Fortunately I woke up on my own and the alarm clock did work. I then went to take a shower and there was hair all over the shower wall. There is nothing worse than that. The bottom of the tub had some of those anti slip spots.

They were just black. There was gum wrappers under the bed. The sink in the bathroom wasn't clean. I am glad we only had made reservations for one night.

I wouldn't recommend staying there

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