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I have been a travel agent for over 15 years and can honestly say that this is the worst hotel I have ever seen. I can't imagine that anyone writing the positive reviews that I have seen actually went to the same hotel. The rooms were downright disgusting. The bedding was dirty as was the carpet and everything else in the room. The A/C blew out warm air at best. Our room was right next to the restaurant where there was a big contruction zone so if you walked a few feet too far after exiting our door, you could have been seriously injured by falling about fifty feet down into a huge gaping hole The pool area was like a horror film. It was just awful. I wouldn't take off my shoes while walking in there and the game room consisted of a few broken video games. I can't believe that people actually stayed for more than one night. We were supposed to stay for a week, but checked out after one night and went to the Holiday Inn. I showered with flip flops on it was so terrible. I can only hope that the new owners will do something. I saw many possible safety hazards in regards to wiring and in steps throughout the property. The dining room for people on the meal plan is depressing and dismal. The family movie night advertised was a video played on a big screen TV next to the front desk. The website seemed like it was talking about a different place. I read a lot of references to the owners by name and they did seem to know quite a lot of the guests very well. I don't know if they were friends, I can't imagine anyone being a repeat guest. The Bates Motel would probably be better. My husband and I joked that the Pet Spa that my dig was staying at was probably nicer. The location would be nice if they bulldozed everything and rebuilt. Could not give a honest review of any other recreational activities other than the indoor pool because we stayed only about 16 hours. We never even saw the beach. I could not imagine staying a second longer in the room.

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The Lodges At Blue Water Manor
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