Would Go Back A review of Omni Corpus Christi Hotel Bayfront Tower

For the money i spent, It was more like a 2 1/2 ** hotel! But given that this property is located in the heart of Corpus Christi, they can demand anywhere from $142 or above or slightly below. But measured on a National whole this is a low grade hotel. Our room in particular, included a king size with a Ocean view. The ocean view was great! Just primarily based on the idea that anywhere in the hotel would be a ocean view, except some rooms. Even so, the room I was in which was past the 12th, floor i believe the second to highest floor. The room was adequet at best..!

An example of its inadequentcy, One of the lights that are in the ceiling, just randomly fell down, and we pushed it back up in the ceiling. Secondly, the headboard broke, again, I called maintenence to fix this, which took :25 min. It was just very awkward and ruined my experience.

However, the staff was very friendly .. I believe "Maria" is the only staff memeber that is unpleasant. The bartenders are great, even down to the bell boys. But this is definitely not a hotel i would pay $142 a night. It is definitely not that great of a hotel property that would be so expensive. There are a couple of other places that are around Corpus Christi to stay. But of course I have not tried them, so I do not know how the accommodations are.

But, this hotel would be nice if it were in $90 range, perhaps lower with some kind of special rate!

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