Worth visiting, but stay overnight somewhere else! A review of McMenamins Edgefield

Edgefield is a nice place to have a wedding, but the wedding party and guests would be much happier staying in a local AAA rated 3 star hotel. We opened our room door and could smell a musty odor. The carpets and furniture were filthy, it was stuffy, and there was no air conditioning. The room was dark & dingy and had old funky vinyl covered furniture-- a sofa and chairs--the kind you wouldn't buy at a garage sale. When we opened the window we were confronted with noisy guests on the landing immediately outside our room. We were disturbed many times, and late into the evening, but since the rooms don't have any telephones, we could not call the management (and they were all full up anyway). "European style guestrooms" is a euphemism for bath down the hall. The atmosphere at Edgefield is fun, but you'll be much happier driving 5 minutes to a hotel that's clean and has all the modern amenities that you'd expect in a hotel. We stayed in the Comfort Inn, and for $30 less got a clean room with a large in-room jacuzzi, phone, TV, AC, coffee maker, hair dryer, and extended CP breakfast with a waffle maker. The Best Western Rama is also a good alternative.

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