Worst Place Ever A review of Hotel Zico

I checked out of this property October 1st. This had to be one of the worst experiences I have ever had. The room left a great deal to be desired in decor and ombience but since I just needed a clean, quiet spot to sleep, I was hopeful this would be suitable. One of the many issues I encountered was finding a fairly new blood stain on the shower curtain which housekeeping should have noticed but obviously didn't...I felt this was pretty important so asked the desk clerk to speak to the manager and she informed me she was the manager - one person runs the motel (desk clerk, manager, etc.)... & I was told "the real manager" drops in once a day! Along with much needed maintenance & security, the worst episode concerned noise. I returned to my room on 9/30 at about 11:30pm totally exhausted from a full day of work - dropped into bed and that is when it started...From that moment until I finally fell asleep at 4:45AM there was loud noises from the room above me - sounded like a herd of elephants walking around. My calls & finally a visit to the front desk, at 3:00AM, (where the night cleak was sound asleep on a sofa) to ask for help brought no results. He did try to resolve the problem, however, he was unsuccessfull. A nice young man but obviously not prepared to deal with any out of the ordinary issues. On checking out this morning I informed the day desk clerk of the noise and all she said was "no one else complained" - I responded that it was the room above me so maybe noone else heard it! There was no "I'm sorry or anything"...Not sure if they rent by the hour but stay away from this place. It is bad news with no or poor type management & no concern for their customers. I could not move because I had reserved/prepaid this through Expedia. Live and learn but beware of Best Value Inn in Mountain View, CA.

We regret that this guest had a negative experience with our hotel. We take all comments, positive and negative, to heart and continue to strive to improve our hotel. We would like to comment on the specific concerns that this guest mentioned in her review.

1) Decor and ambience- We are currently in the process of renovating this hotel and have hired a designer to change the look and feel. While the current decor is not spectacular, we can assure you that we keep exceptionally clean rooms in complete working order and offer a great deal of value for the rates that we charge. We offer all the amenities of a full service hotel including a fully cooked made-to-order breakfast at aboslutely no extra charge.

2) Cleanliness of the rooms- Our housekeeping staff is extensively trained at cleaning hotel rooms in a safe and sanitary manner. We maintain a zero tolerance policy in these types of situations. We take every but of constructive criticism seriously and responded to this guest's concerns by completely replacing the shower curtain in that room despite not finding any evidence of blood on it. We acknowledge that the guest may have taken care of the problem prior to our housekeeping staff getting into the room the following morning. Nonetheless, we understand the seriousness of that complaint and acted swiftly as a result. Additionally it should be noted that we do have a full time maintenance person at this hotel and have never had any major maintenance issues in the past.

3) Noise levels in the room- Unfortunately, there are times when guests are overly rambunctious and make noise that disturbs their neighbors. However, in this case our staff made every attempt to locate the problem and solve it. The room above this guest was rented to a couple who were sound asleep when our staff member contacted them. Our staff member went with the guest into her room to hear for himself. He spent fifteen minutes in the room and heard nothing. Subsequently, after failing to find the root of the problem, our staff member offered to upgrade the guest and move her to a new room. The guest declined to be moved. Once again, we take all criticism to heart and worked hard to determine the nature of the guest's compaint. In this case despite not hearing any noise himself, our staff member nonetheless offered to upgrade the guest and move them free of charge. As the guest noted in her complaint, this was an "out of the ordinary" circumstance. Our hotel is set back off of the El Camino and is generally a very peaceful environment.

At the Best Value Inn & Suites, we strive to continually evaluate our hotel and improve it based on your suggestions. Like any other complaint, this one was taken to heart and we have worked to resolve any issues that came up. I would invite this guest to call the hotel directly and ask for me, Bimal, to personally discuss her experience so that we can win her back as a customer.

Thank you.

Best Value Inn Management

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