Worst night of sleep Ever A review of Hotel Indigo Atlanta

My boyfriend and I recently stayed at Hotel Indigo for our anniversary after being told of it's quaint decor and friendly staff. The decor was very unique and inviting giving you the feeling of being in the Hamptons. The staff was friendly enough. Not overly nice but not rude either.

After checking in, we both realized that we had stayed in many hostels that were much better than this hotel. First of all, the rooms are tiny. We had a king sized bed that barely fit in the room. Second, the bathrooms are extremely tiny. I'm 5' 6" and 125 lbs. and I had a hard time moving around in this bathroom. Third, the shower stall was ridiculous...mainly because the shower curtain would not stay in place, leaving me with only half of the tiny shower space to work with, but also because the shower floor was dirty.

I could have dealt with all of these things but it was once we returned from our nice anniversary dinner that all of our woes really started. We got in around 11 p.m and decided to retire to bed. As soon as we turned out the lights, we realized that this hotel is the noisiest hotel. We were on the back side of the building and all we heard all night were car horns honking in the garage behind the building and people yelling. We also heard the bass from the cars cruising on Peachtree. You would think that a completely renovated hotel would be acoustically modified to accomodate the sounds from the streets. It was ridiculous.

Needless to say, I will never stay here or recommend that anyone else stay here.

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