Worst Night of my Life A review of Quality Inn and Suites

I stayed at this hotel because my flight home was cancelled and the airline sent me to here to spend the night...what a dreadful night.The hotel location is extrememly beautiful...but that's all was beautiful about it. My first thought about my room was that it looked comfortable but it was the exact opposite. I was so uncomfortable the whole night and I could not wait for morning to come so I could get out of there as soon as possible. It was a cold night and the heating refused to work. I woke up in the middle of the night to find two spiders crawling on one of the pillows. It was not until morning that I discovered that there were spider webs all over the wall above the bed and around the heating- I felt so sick and I was extremely upset. Considering the fact that I was already ill before I came to stay at this place...all I wanted to do was get a good night rest before my flight in the morning. This hotel is an extreme disappointment. Even the staff were cold and unhelpful. I compared it to the hotel I had been staying before which was not perfect but this hotel is what I would call "Pathetic"!I would never ever stay at this hotel and would not recommend it to anyone even those on a really tight budget. Its too dirty.

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