Worst Hotel Stay I Ever Had A review of Hyatt Dulles

I stayed in this hotel for 4 nights in Feb. 05. The room was nice with a King bed and vanity area. On the first night, the sound of baby screaming and crying from the room across the hallway woke me up at 3am. On the second night, I couldn't fall asleep until past 2am because of the sound of snoring from my neighbor next door. On the third night, again kept awake by the snoring from next door, I finally called the front desk at midnight and requested a room change. They told me they were booked solid and couldn't provide a comparable room. But they did have a small room with a double bed and a shower. I told them as long as it is a non-smoking room that is quiet, I will take it. But they refused to refund me the difference in room price for the rest of my stay.

So they switched me to another room on the same floor that is supposed to be non-smoking. However, that room was stunk with the smell of smoke. I only managed to get a little sleep that night and the night after. Overall, the insulation in the rooms was very inadequate, which made this stay the worst hotel experience I ever had. For $190 a night, this is ridiculous!

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