Worst hotel in Europe. A review of Hotel Chambord

I'm putting this review up so that you can save yourself the torture we endured by not staying in this hotel.

On all of the different hotel sights, we saw the beautiful pictures of the rooms, the piano bar, the breakfast room and fell in love with the hotel. We were fantasizing about eating breakfast on that nice balcony with a table and chair they show. Of course, this didn't exisit in our room. The balcony didn't even have a table or chairs. The reality is that we were scammed. Look at the pictures of the room we took (wait, it shouldn't even be called a hotel room, more like a giant dirty closet with the bed inside) and what they show on the website.

The website lists porter service, yeah right, the only guy working behind the desk watched us drag our 9 pieces of luggage without even asking if they could help. The best part, was the 1930's elevator that only fits one person and one piece of luggage. You can imagine the fun in bringing up your luggage!

The website lists a piano bar, which was conveniently "under construction", a breakfast room "under construction", an evening lounge "under construction", and your rooms are "being remodeled".

Lets begin about the room. The ceilings are dropped celing with tiles that lift up and down and make a sucking sounds as air circulates through the building. If that's not bad enough, birds or rodents are scurrying above your head in this ceiling (keeping in mind the lifting tiles) while you try to sleep at night. That's if you sleep at night. During 3 days of our stay, the room was boiling hot. No fan and no airconditioning "what do you think this is, a five star hotel?" as commented by a large bald employee working behind the counter when we asked if they had fans. The carpets were dirty, the comforter looked like it dated from the 1960's, the room has only one working outlet to power the fridge, alarm clock, TV, and desk lamp. Hope you're not thinking about using the hair dryer in the bedroom! It rained, and the water leaked through the shut window and soaked the carpet next to the bed. Nothing like waiking up in the morning to find your stepping on mildewy carpet. There is no secondary locks or even a privacy chain on the door. The hotel staff knocks, and if you don't yell loud enough, they walk right in. The bathroom door had no lock either and wouldn't stay close. The rooms were so small, if you have full size check in luggage, you have to hop to get to your bed because there's no place to put it. If you put it in front of the front door, you can't get into the bathroom. If you put by your bed, you can't get around the bed. Nice huh! You learn to play a game called musical suitcase. Keep in mind we had booked a room for 2 and suppodely, the room can accomodate 3 people. I get one person has to stay in the bathroom.

When asking the desk staff if they had made a mistake on our rooms, we wanted the rooms shown on the internet and the brochure sitting on their front counter. Their response was "no mistake, those rooms are only for business travellers, the rooms you have are what you are suppose to have" This is after asking the travel service if the rooms we booked looked like the ones in the picture. The travel service put us on hold, called the hotel, and they confirmed that we had one of those rooms. They also confirmed that there was an in room safe (which there wasn't), 120 volt AC outlets for North American travelers (which there wasn't), and internet access (which wasn't available in the room)

The bathroom still had poop marks on the left side of the toilet as in the toilet overflowed and they just mopped the floor, but didn't clean the outside of the bowl...REally nice. The grout hadn't been cleaned since Napoleon was alive (See pictures). The tub was so slippery that my gymnast girlfriend who's been trained to balance on a 2 inch surface, slipped and injured herself. We had to go buy a shower mat so that we wouldn't slip. The shower drape was moldy and you could not stand in any position in the shower without it touching you. To top things off, there's no ventilation in the bathroom, other than the moveable ceiling tiles. We complained...nothing was done. If fact, their usually answer was combined with a chuckle and a "we'll fix this right away" The answer to the noisy rodents/birds in the ceiling was "sleep on one of your ears, you'll only hear half the noise"

The breakfast room is open from 7 to 10 and if you don't get there before 8:30AM, the cooked food is completely cold if there's anything left. Things like cheeses, dairy products, and cut fruit were not refrigerated. On several occasions, they ran out of bread. I asked them if they had anymore bread (what else am I suppose to put my cheese spread on), they said, "my boss didn't order enough bread, you should eat the eggs" The coffee carafes they put on the tables had about 1" of slimy coffee grounds at the bottom. Looks like they never cleaned those either. Just when you are about to enjoy a bite into your slice of bread, 3 feet away from you, they start using heavy construction machinery that was not only very noisy, but spewed dust on everything. If you decide to get the 3 different cheese spreads they lay out, you should check the expiration date on them. I started spreading some cheese on my bread, to find in horror, the cheese on the bottom of the wrapper was green and the wrapper said the "unrefrigerated" cheese was expired by about a week. And no, this wasn't blue cheese. The other items they had out like ham and cheese slices were also unrefrigerated and left there for the whole duration.

Next to the elevator, was a nice kiosk of tour packages, which we did 2 and found out that they were a ripoff. To any of those places, take a taxi instead of the tour bus. Plus you were rushed back into the bus after visiting the site for only 30 minutes. Also there was an abundant collection of pamphlets for call girl/guy service. Was this the hourly hotel rented by the needy or was this the 3 star hotel we supposedly booked?

The phones in the room prevent you from using touch tone prompts, so your calling cards are all worthless unless an operator comes on the line. The hotel conveniently has their calling card advertisement next to your phone, that's if you want to get charged their exorbitant rate. We just used our U.S. cellphones and saved ourselves some money to call home. The TV (which was smaller than the mini fridge) had about 8 channels you could watch, you could use the channel up button, but the same channels repeated over and over again.

An example of some of the nicer conversations with the hotel staff, while you are waiting for a taxi. The guy at the hotel desk tells you how he's sick of american's comming in with all their suitcases. That we were to cheap to use his phone in the room, so he would tell americans to go use the phone in the post office 4 blocks away. That the american people are stingy. Maybe my French was good enough and he didn't think I was American or didn't care. Either way, hotel staff should keep their personal opinions to themselves in regards to typecasting who stays at their hotel.

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