Worst hotel i've stayed in A review of Quality Inn and Suites

Saw this hotel on the internet and it looked beautiful and sounded like an incredible deal. Got to the hotel and the carpet in our room was wet with hard, mysterious bumps throughout the room. The tops of the lamp shades were rusted, there were stains on the curtains and nightstand that resembled blood (of course, we could not know for sure that it was, it may have been coffee I guess but it more resembled blood), there was a wadded up towel stuck behind the bathroom door, bugs (both dead and alive) throughout the room, and the bed spreads were disgusting and had cigarette stains...in a non-smoking room, of all places. We had dropped our luggage off in the room and left for about 5 hours to run some errands. When we come back, we realized our room was worse than we had originally thought when we had dropped our belongings off. Called down to the front desk and they sent a maintenance man to take care of the bugs and towel...which meant the man came in, kicked the bugs out the door with his shoe, and took the towel away. We soon decided we did not want to spend one single night in this hotel, so we went to the front desk to explain the situation and to check out. We were apalled with the reaction we received. They were going to make us pay for half the night, even though we didn't stay for the night at all. The women at the front desk called for the manager, the manager discussed the situation for not more than 5 minutes, threw the hotel keys down and left the premises for the rest of the night. That left us with the women at the front desk again, who claimed they couldn't do anything without the manager. Beautiful view of the gulf, nice landscape and small but nice beach - HORRIBLE hotel. DO NOT STAY HERE.

We found a very nice Holiday Inn Express in Pensacola that was $30 cheaper - there are more options than just the Bay Beach Inn.

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