Worst hotel experience ever A review of Ramada Inn Miami Airport North

I would recommend that travelers avoid the Ramada Inn Miami Airport hotel at all costs. I stayed there in November 2002 and was most unhappy about it. The hotel lost my reservation, but (unfortunately for me) was able to provide a room anyway. When I called Ramada's toll-free number from my room to try to find out more about the lost reservation, the hotel billed me for the call (even though it was their fault that the reservation was missing). The manager refused to remove the charge, but I was able to dispute it with my credit card company to have it removed.The room was of very poor quality. Traffic noise was so loud that I had to keep a pillow over my head all night in an attempt to muffle the sounds. (No use.) The bathroom sink fixture was broken and spewed water all over whenever I turned it on.My problems did not end upon my departure, as a few days later I found that I was missing a personal item and called the hotel to see if it had been found in the room. Twice the front desk transferred me to housekeeping, and twice I was connected with someone who spoke only Spanish. (Not my native tongue.)What I learned: A name brand doesn't guarantee a quality hotel. When in Miami, spend the extra money and stay someplace nice.

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