Worst Hotel Experience Ever! A review of Quality Inn Stroudsburg

This was by far the worst hotel experience I ever had and being a frequent traveler, I've stayed at many hotels. Upon arrival the hotel looked nice and clean but a hotel is supposed to be a place where you can sleep and you cannot do that here.

When I tried to go to sleep at around 11:00 PM the room above me was having some kind of party. I am not talking about hearing murmors, etc. These college age people were actually yelling and screaming. By 12:30 I called the front desk to report it and it did not stop. At 1:00 AM I asked to be moved and was moved to a room on the second floor. Finally off to sleep at 1:15 AM, I was awoken at 3:00 AM by an even louder group of again college age people arriving in the room next to me on the second floor! After about an hour, I called the front desk and told them that I would simply move back to the first room (thinking that party had to be over). Well is wasn't and both parties continued until around 5:00 AM.

As far as I am concerned no reputable hotel allows this type of activity to occur. The person at the front desk knew what was going on and did nothing about it. It would not surprise me if a nearby college or university is somehow using this hotel as overflow dormitory housing. Unless you want to hang out with a bunch of drunk college students, stay away from this place.

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