WORST HOTEL EXPERIENCE EVER A review of Miami International Airport Hotel

I arranged a 1-night stay at the end of a business/vacation trip, because of an early return flight the next day. The pool/spa on the top floor was closed, cited reason was for hurricane repairs - but I can see from a subsequent review it's been closed over a year now! I checked in then went into the terminal to find where I needed to be the next morning. I then returned to my room, watched TV & turned in early. About 11 pm-midnight, noise began above me. It sounded like construction noise and kept getting louder and louder. At 2 am there was a huge crash above me. I called the desk and they said nobody was on the floor above me, and they would have security check it out. Shortly thereafter, the noise stopped. I had only 3 hours of sleep. Then when I got up and took a shower in the morning, the bathroom flooded despite my having the curtain inside the tub. I never could figure out why. When I went downstairs at about 6 am there were construction workers leaving the other end of my floor, which was cordoned off by plastic. When I complained about the noise upon checkout, they said there was no noise and there was no construction, and I must've been hearing something outside. The person walked away from me and went into the back, and that was that. I'd booked my stay through Travelocity and spent a couple of months going through their maze attempting to get a refund of my $130, before they finally said they couldn't help me and referred me to the hotel. By that time, I'd already tried going directly to the hotel and had gotten nowhere. (Just try to find out from Miami-Dade who even owns it!! No response.) This was the single worst stay I've ever had anywhere, and I concluded that I would've been more comfortable sleeping in a chair in the terminal. As with any major airport, there are quite a few hotels in the vicinity so absolutely do not stay here despite the lure of convenience.

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