Worst hotel experience ever!!! A review of Marriott Kauai Resort

My father has a Marriott timeshare and gave us one weekn for our honeymoon. We were able to stay at this hotel for 1 week for FREE, but it was so bad that we checked out after 1 night and immediately headed to the Hyatt. As we told the Marriott when we left, the rooms were so disgusting that we would rather pay $2,000 to stay at the Hyatt for a week rather than stay there for free. The rooms were NOT CLEAN. THERE WAS A PILE OF FINGERNAILS ON THE CARPETING!! The rooms are completely outdated. There was disgusting dust and dirt collected along the molding of the walls. We decided to stick it out one night and wait to check out the pool facilities the next morning. We got up- walked around the beach- saw the smoke stacks from the factory just across the way and checked out. To add insult to injury, when I called Marriott after we got home to discuss our horrible experience, they never even responded!!!

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