Worst Holiday Ever A review of Hotel Globales Costa Tropical

Where do i start.....

My husband, two small children (Aged 6 years and 19 months) and mother stayed in the Costa Tropical from the 21st June until the 5th July and experienced our worst holiday ever. I don't like to be too critical about accomodations, but I don't think there are that many that can be as bad as this one. We had problems from day one which just escalated until we thankfully departed!.

Lets begin....

When we arrived by taxi, our first observation was that the hotel only had 1* displayed outside and not 3* like my Travel Agent had advised me. Our initial dealings with the reception staff were that they were smiley, friendly and informative. We then entered our room........uh oh......

The bathroom was rusty and the ceiling was flaking into the bath. The kitchentte was tiny - our first thoughts were 'thank god we aren't self catering as we wouldn't be able to cook any food in here!' (until we tasted the food that is!). The light fittings and plugs were hanging out of the celings/walls and the room certainly wasn't big enough for 3 adults, 1 child and 1 infant - although our Travel Agent said it would be plently big enough! The hotel is in the middle of nowhere with only a couple of bars in the immediate vicinity along with lots of building sites and a supermarket which is more expensive than Harrods! The childrens play area consists of a manky old slide which is older than my mother and the pool area is filthy!. In the 2 weeks that we were tortured there, the baby pool was cleaned once!. The same coke cans/cups/cigarette ends etc were there for 10 days before they were removed. The worst thing of all was........the cleaners that cleaned the main pool area used to dip their broom in the POOL water, then sweep the pool area and swill down the floor, then dip their filthy brush in the pool water again etc etc!. That is nasty!. The shower only remained warm for 2 people, so the rest of us had cold showers. The price to rent a safe was 58 Euros for 2 weeks - extortionate price considering we had already paid for the room and all they had to prvide us with was a key! We drank the same drinks every night and were charged different amounts each time we ordered a round! The tennis court and football pitch were being completed when we were there, so they weren't available as the brochure stated! The free bus service to the beach was unreliable and didn't return to pick people up on numerous occasions - probably why it was free as you had to get a cab back from the beach! The floor in the restaurant wasn't cleaned daily as the same piece of jelly remained on the floor for 4 consecutive days in the same spot. The food was 'yuk'. Chips for breakfast, chips for dinner - We are sick of chips!. Not any choices for children and Veal was served every night!!. The restaurant was also used by the hotel maintenance staff in the mornings who came in in their dusty, muddy clothes and dined with the guests. We saw them on several occasions pick up a roll, look at it and put it back if they didn't like the look of it, then another poor guest would then take it and eat it - how vile is that??!!.

I think I have whinged enough now - We had a dreadful time there. The are numerous other issues I have with the accomodation, but I think I have written enough now. As you approach the hotel, you drive up a road with a couple of hills in view and someone has quite rightly written 'GO BACK' in white stones for all to see! It wasn't us by the way!

I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone and wouldn't return there if it was offered to me free of charge.

A very unhappy 'Forbes' family who had a dreadful holiday at the Costa Tropical :(

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