Worst Experience Ever! A review of Comfort Suites Lake George

I'm a Police officer in NYC and a soldier who served in Iraq with the Army Reserves. and never felt so unwelcomed at a hotel on a Family Vacation. This is a brand new hotel owned and ran by to two brothers. Once a year, every year my family gets togather for a boating weekend in Lake George. We were excited about staying at a new hotel from the Comfort Suites chain. The two owners made it clear to us that they didn't "spend 8.9 million on this hotel so people from NYC can lower its value." Some examples of their service: Being followed through out the hotel, Questioned why we need more towels, Being accused of loud noise during times when we were fast asleep, and not present. We planned to stay two nights but made arrangements with the owners to refund us for the second night and we went home. He said in closing "This hotel is not for people from southern New York." After this horrible and very unusual experience I have no desire to visit Lake George ever again.


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