Wonderful!! A review of Graycliff Hotel

Like other reviewers giving a review for the hotel I did not stay here during my trip. I did visit 4 times during the week though. Three times for cigars and one time for dinner.

This place to me is beautiful. It is old world and classic. It has really pretty gardens out back. They are great for pictures. I come here every year to Nassau and always make a stop at the Graycliff. If you like cigars or even mildly intrested in cigars and love great food this place is definately for you. They have a small boutique cigar shop there. You can tour it for free. My first trip of the week was Sunday June 18th. Went to pick up cigars and a young guy help us out. He was very helpful and went out of his to get me info on a certain cigar I wanted that was not on the list(the Junkanoo line). He gave me and my friends a tour. I have been through before but he was very nice and more informative then the other tours I have had here.

I stopped back a couple more during the week. He was working and stopped what he was doing imediately and helped me out. I was not spending great amounts of money so that was impressive.

Finally we all went to Humidor Churrisacaria restaurant. This was out of this world. All you can eat of 16 different meats. They also had veggies, salad, rice and beans, cold cuts, and fruits, o yeah and dessert. The owners son sat us and explain how the Churrisacaria worked. The captin of the floor came out and introduced himself. There was multiple wait staff there to help out and serve you. They did all with smiles. This was truely a wonderful experience. How can you wrong when you get filet mignon wrapped in bacon. I don't even care for sausage but they had one there that blew me away. I come to nassau every year. After this there will never be a time I do not stop and eat at this restaurant. I smoke cigars so it is nice to eat a meal and then they come around and offer cigars after your dinner. For me you can't beat that.

All in all if you like cigars you have to stop here. You can watch them roll yours then smoke it later. You also don't have to worry about if you purchasing a fake cuban cigar. The Graycliff is also apart of Nassau's history so it is a great place to stop for that. They will treat you with the upmost respect even if you are picking up just a cigar or a bite to eat.

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