Wonderful Hotel A review of Kempinski Hotel Moika 22

My travel agent wanted us to stay at a more established hotel but I insisted on the Kempinski and am glad I did. It's location is the best in St. Petersburg, right on the Moika River/Winter Canal and a brief walk across the canal bridge and into Palace Square to be at the Hermitage. When we arrived they put us in a third floor room with a view of the inner courtyard (a room I saw them put other travelers who later also complained). After expressing considerable unhappiness and showing them the confirmation for an upper floor room with a view we were moved a few hours later to a seventh floor corner room with a balcony overlooking the city. Although we couldn't see the river or the Hermitage we could see St. Isaac's dome, the Admiralty spire and the tops of various other monuments. The room was large and bright with one large window and French doors to the balcony and a sitting area. The bathroom was well appointed with lots of amenities.

The breakfast buffet was extensive and excellent. I eventually realized I had to ask the hostess for coffee when she seated us if I was to get it before we had finished eating. The staff was very pleasant but they don't have the concept of brewed coffee in a pot that they bring around to refill cups on a regular basis.

We had tea one afternoon in the front tea room overlooking the canal. It had a slight Russian twist in that you selected your choices from a large tray of various small sandwiches and later did the same with the sweets. You were brought the pot of tea you selected but not the usual tiered assortment of goodies as for English teas. It was much more self service than I've seen before but the sandwiches and sweets were very good, as was the tea.

The business center was actually one computer in an office used by hotel staff. Although the hotel had many business travelers the business center was often busy with tourists who didn't want to carry their own computers and it was frequently necessary to wait to use the one computer. We never did find an Internet cafe so the hotel definitely needs to expand it's computer services. Also needing to be expanded is the fitness center (or relaxation center as they call it) which is very small with just a couple treadmills and bikes. The hot tub is nice but a pool would be an excellent addition to the hotel.

Even with these few reservations about the hotel, overall it is an excellent property that I would not hesitate to recommend to friends or to stay at when visiting St. Petersburg again.

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