Wonderful Hotel and Water Park A review of Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark

Just back from a long weekend at this new hotel, and it was wonderful. The Hotel itself is lovely, all of the details in the public rooms and guest rooms are great. While the hotel is mainly about the waterpark, the company did not skimp in other areas.

The waterpark itself is great, everyone loved it. While it was very busy arriving at noon on Saturday, once we settled in, all was fine. Next time I go I would have everyone wear swimsuits under casual (easy to remove and store) clothing on the day of arrival. While there is plenty of areas to change, it would have been easier not to have to do so. The hotel requires guests wear shoes and shirts to go out of the waterpark and in the public areas of the hotel (nice sweat suits etc would be great). I would also lock purses and wallets in the car on the day of arrival before my room is ready, just for one less think to worry about.

Also, as Saturdays are no doubt the busiest, it was dissappointing at first to find how hard it was to get an inner tube. But once we realized that we really did not need them, and that there would be enough to go around (except maybe Saturday from 1 to 3 pm) all was fine. The children seemed to have the most fun in the lazy river just swimming along, without the tube. And by 4 pm, many tubes were available, and Saturday night until Monday the crowd was much smaller, tubes were plentiful. When we go again, I think I would try to spend time in the waterpark in the early evening.

We ate in the Tall Tales Tavern, the food was very good. We brought breakfast and lunch food with us, so did not try any others. The rooms have microwaves and refrigerators, also coffee makers with plenty of coffee.

We stayed in a regualar room one night, and a one bedroom the second. The first room had the two queens, and then a half wall separated these from a sleep sofa. there was plenty of room for the 4 of us. The next night we moved (with great help from the hotel)to a one bedroom suite with 2 queens, a bathroom, and then a large room with 1 queen, a sleep soffa, and a kitchen with a sink, cupboards with basic plates and silverware,frig, mocrowave, and a nice counter to sit at, and another bath, a very nice room. We peeked in at a large suite with the bukbeds, they looked very nice for a big group.

Our five year old really enjoyed story hour in the library, a very nice touch.

All in all a great place, we will go back!

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