Wonderful facility, but horrible service A review of Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

This is probably one of the worst Hotel experience I've had from ANY hotel chain at ANY price point; from the Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Sheraton, other Hiltons, down to the Choice Hotels. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Before going to the hotel restaurant Catch 31, My guest and I called the restaurant to make the reservation, but nobody answered the phone after 3 minutes. Knowing that they could be busy so We headed down to the restaurant to make the reservation. We were told that the restaurant doesn't take reservation and we'd have to wait. That's fine and reasonable until the following events happened. We patiently waited for an hour without asking how much longer it'd take. We then asked the staff how much longer the wait was going to be. We were told repetitively twenty min. by the staff even when fourty minutes have elapsed. Finally after two hours elapsed, we spoke to a manager to inquire about the reason why four other group of people got seated before us when they obviously came in after us. We were told that they all have VIP status with Hilton Hotels. We then ask why there are so many empty tables when they could be seating some of us (including other groups of people who were waiting for two hours or more). We got totally ignored.

2. When I picked up the car from the valet, I was left a note saying that the staff saw another valet person who drove a red truck hit the back of my car. The note said they didn't notice the license plate of red truck, but if it were one of their personel, would it be difficult to find out who that person was or find out which car it was? It happened the night before but I wasn't informed immediately. I understand cars can get damaged in valet but the cover-up just totally infuriated me.

The hotel facility itself is brand new and modern, as one can tell from the hotel's age (couple of month) However, the service provided by this hotel can certainly put the entire Hilton family of hotels into shame. Of course your experience may vary, but this review is an honest representation of my experience at this Hilton hotel.

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