Will not stay there again A review of Radisson Hotel JFK Airport

Planned to be in Manhattan from Oct 28 to Nov3 but most available hotels had a price hike on Oct 28 so decided to stay one night in Doubletree JFK.

I was early (10am) and they willingly gave me an available room on 3rd floor. However, there was a problem with the lock and have to trouble security guard to open the door. The telephone is also not working. Before I left for Manhattan, I requested for a room change at the frontdesk. I returned at around 10pm and the frontdesk clearly did not process my request. They were booked out and managed to give me another room on 2nd floor (where all the conference rooms were located and there were lots of cleaning activities in the hallway at 10pm! Extremely noisy.). Another security guard, this big crazy black fella who was unwilling to stop chatting with the doorman, escorted me to my original room since there is a problem with the lock. He requested for my id in a very rude manner and made all sorts of remarks that there are no reason that the lock should not be working. I challenged to say that even if I showed him my id now, how would he know that this is indeed my room, all he can proof is I have my own id. So it is meaningless. He should have checked when we were all in the frontdesk. He was very unhappy and said just to show him his id and he will check with the frontdesk. It followed by other uncalled-for remarks. It was just a very bad experience. I will never stay in Doubletree JFK again.

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