Why We Stay At The River Palms... A review of River Palms Resort Casino

Tiring of Las Vegas, my wife and I started going to Laughlin for our vacations about seven years ago (we still journeyed to Las Vegas for the annual relatives' Thanksgiving ordeal at the Excalibur). We stayed at the Flamingo the first few years, but it seemed to grow more and more crowded, with the same old restaurants; we stopped going when they finally added a new food place: Dairy Queen! We went further south and visited the River Palms because of an advertisement in a gaming magazine claiming some machines (in a specified area) the payback exceeded 100%. Playing video poker, we both did very well, and noticed that the casino was less crowded and featured a lot fewer kids than the Flamingo. During our first booking, we also discovered that the slot club there was very generous with comps for meals, on a daily basis. We've been at the River Palms ever since--even though the Deuces Wild machines were moved OUT of the special compound. To us the Flamingo was more like a Vegas wannabe and we find the River Palms to be much more relaxing.

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