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hwta can i say. ive been to some places in my life for example malia and benidorm with the boys costa del sol and majorca with family and tenerife with my girlfreind to name but few, but nothing could compare to this place.when we got there we were taken to our hotle and first impressions were this looks good.the recepetionist was lovely speaking fluent english and will help with anything.our room was big and bright but the only disappointment of the whole trip was the initial smell of the toilet but that soon went after 10 minutes of the balcony doors been open.our balcony looked out over the mini golf and was just fine. the pool was cold to start but after been in there for 30 seconds was lovely.we went horse riding my first may i say and i would defeintley go back. 55 euros each for 3 and a half hours over the cliffs of cala bosch and through the streets of cala blanca. we also got a boat trip which was 15 euros each were we went to a beautiful beach in sauder aswell as seeing the pearl of the mediterraenean la galadina among others. one tip though theres two boats don panch which we went on which was very slow and one of the guys looked like a fatter version than even the fat version of diego maradona. so id suggest u go on the larger blue boat very fast and huge slides to go into the sea with. the beach in cala n bosch was beautiful but sunbeds arent to kind to your bank balance ( 17 euros for 2 ). theres a lso alot of jelly fish in the water. back to the hotel and il now introuce you to macaila, mosa, wilm and natalie the four reps. although this is a hotel primarily for children the reps were very adult orientated too. water polo, football, volleyball, reifle shooting everything u need. at night 9 o clock to 9.30 is for the kids were i unfortunately got roped into dressing up as coco the clown. at 9.30 bingo starts a line winning you a bottle of champagne the house anything up to 100 euro which we nicely won. then the entertainment starts with proffessional shows 1 day and the reps own show another day. they made our holidays. paces to eat dont go to no chineses a spacial menu consisted of 1 spare rib warmed up noodles and we didnt want the dessert. go to fiesta/tex mex that was real nice quite pricey though and all the resteraunts in the marina.not much goin on a nite so entertainment in hotel is the best. great holiday will be goin again next year, considering we paid £214 each this place was a pure bargain of the highest calibre by none.

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