Where's my retainer??? A review of Courtesy Inn San Simeon

We booked the Courtesy Inn after browsing the Internet for lodging close to Hearst Castle. The quality of the ground floor double queen room was jus adequate: four walls and a roof. The AC/heater was terribly slow. The toiled needed to be plunged. Towels were clean, but thin and worn-out. The beds were okay, some of the furniture need refreshing. Hair dryer and iron/board in room. Breakfast was lousy, consisting of mini muffins and other small, rather dry baked goods cut in half. The coffee was merely colored water sitting in an airpot, but they had Lipton tea bags. Sugar and powdered creamer. Apple, orange juice and lemonade were also available. Pet-friendly, but we didn't see anyone with pets. You have to cross Hwy 1 to get to the beach. Bar and grill next door. Felt like a safe location.

Aside from the low-end accommodations, we left very dissatisfied because housekeeping threw out my "night guard" retainer, which I kept soaking in a glass of water, as one would with dentures, braces and other orthodontic pieces. The night guard is a custom-made orthodontic piece, that's rather large, supposed to help me fix my jaw. Anyway, it cost $500, after insurance. When we came back, the room was cleaned-up and I realized they must have thrown out the mouthpiece along with the glass. When I went over to the front desk, the young lady said she felt for me because she knew those mouthpieces are costly but I had to wait until the next day so that they could find out who cleaned the room and search the trash. (I wasn't going to put anything in the trash back in my mouth!) No manager was present. No apologies. The next day, when I asked again, I was told that they didn't find anything. Basically, just a shrug of the shoulders. No admittance of negligence, not even the slightest apology. They gave me the number of another manager to call. This person offered me an apology and a free night's stay. But the damage of a poor vacation experience was already done.

We understand that hotels can't take responsibility for every guest claiming a loss, and we certainly didn't need to get anyone in the housekeeping staff in trouble, but this kind of negligence is going to cost me hundreds of dollars for replacement and a ton of hassle to have the mold fitted and a new mouthpiece made again. Aside from merely adequate logding facilities, the biggest turn off was the lack of accountablity and help on site. We do not recommend this Courtesy Inn to fellow travelers. Pay a little more elsewhere on the San Simeon strip to get better accommodations (there are plenty of options), and you may even save yourself some trouble from having something thrown out by housekeeping.

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