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We visited for valentine's day (12-15.02.04), and pretty much concur with the points made by the other reviewer who stayed there during this period.The rooms are- well rooms. Nothing exceptional, entirely average, at the lowest they could be described as characterless and entirely unsensuous. On the other hand they were adequate, clean, and were essentially a base to explore the town from.The staff were entirely courteous and attendant- unless you want to change rooms and then they become more vague and unable to determine whether they will have any double rooms available tomorrow or not (they never did)- it was valentine's day and i was made to feel like a wantom whore for requesting that my fiance and i didn't sleep in seperate beds like a pair of pensioners.The lasagne in the bistro is gorgeous, as is the breakfast- head for the pastries!The casino is a great way to round off the evening-remember to take a passport with you. Betting on table starts at just over a pound- its good for people watching and free drinks even if you don't want to fritter away too much of your spending money.The hotel's nearest metro station is Florenc and could be reached by a 10 minute walk, and from there you can go pretty much where you please, for around ?5.00 for a three day transport pass. The tansport network is excellent, and the average wait for a tube to your destination is around 3 minutes. Buses are easy to navigate, but you may have to wait longer. there is what appears to be a disused bus station outside nadrazi holosovice station which looked rather intimidating at night. I would definately recommend taking the 187 bus from nadrazi holesovice to the zoo, as it drops you right outside. There is a rather ecclectic selection of creatures there- Silverback gorillas, vultures, giant turtles, bats and an amazing bird cage that is built into the side of a cliff which includes Kites.Unless you have money to burn, give the taxis a wide birth, we payed ?6.00 to go just over a mile one day when we lost all sense of direction and it started to snow.The Hilton isn't somewhere to go for a romantic break, but it is a hotel of good general standards with a nice location and a fantastic lobby.The 'museum' stop (about two stops down from florenc) is a good place to go shopping- you'll find Mango, Zara, Benneton, Levis and many other great stores in this district.

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