When I got there, it seemed like a four star hotel . . . . A review of Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel at Keystone Crossing

The room was nicely put together, the beds were comfortable, made up with lots of pillows and blankets, and the room was immaculately clean. I settled into bed, but about fifteen minutes later (and each fifteen minutes or so thereafter) the toilet emitted a spooky noise. Okay, I thought, I'll just shut the bathroom door. Fine enough. While I was out of the room the day I was leaving, prior to my checking out and about a half an hour before check out time, I returned to my room to find that housekeeping had been in, had set my things aside, and had reset the room (for the next guest, I assume--and what If I had decided on a last minute bath and had left wet towels on the floor?! ). Checkout was complicated by my being charged for a room that my office had paid for in advance of my conference.

The staff was affable and professional and checked me in early, which counts for a great deal when you are tired. The pool, hot tub, and sauna were more than adequate and have the appearance of cleanliness. Free parking is provided in an adjacent garage, which is also a plus. You can get a room with high speed internet access if you want. There was no area in the hotel which seemed poorly maintained or unclean, which impressed me. I liked the decoration and interior design thoughout the facility. The hotel has a pedway to its garage, as well as a pedway to the Fashion Mall. Mind you, the Fashion Mall leaves a lot to be desired as malls go, but it does give you an opportunity to browse and walk around, pick up a card or gift, etc. I did not go to Bally's, but I understand guests do have access.

However, I must note that I preferred the experience over most of my experiences in Indy hotels, and I have been frequenting hotels in the Indianapolis area for years. Perhaps this is not so much and endorsement of this hotel as it is a statement about the lack of service I have generally seen elsewhere.

As far as Indy hotels go, I'd actually give this one the above average rating. But when you check in, if you're offered room 1109, be sure you ask if the toilet has been fixed.

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