Whats all the hype about???? A review of Regal Port Douglas

Stayed here for six nights. On arival with our two year old daughter we were told that we had been put in room 36a wich was on the top floor and had excellent views.

Sound's ok, till you find out that there is no lift and we had to carry a two year old and her buggy up three large flights of stairs two or three times a day in very hot conditions. Oh! make that five flights of stairs if you use the underground parking facility.

This was only part of the problem. As we had arrived in Cairns on a seven hour overnight flight from Singapore and drove another hour or so to Port Douglas we were quite tired. When we got in the room all we wanted to do was get some sleep, however, what we weren't told was that there is bulding work going on in the shops below the rooms and you could not sleep for the noise as it was vibrating through the floor.

After complaining we were told that it was only for the day and we could use another room to get some sleep. I questioned this as major renovations do not last one day. I asked to be moved to another room because of the stair-no-lift situation but was told that they were fully booked.

The noise did not last just one day as i had expected but conitnued through-out our stay, addmittedly at a slightly reduced level. We just went out to avoid it.

The pool and area is cramped and small and only gets the sunlight for about three hours in the morning so you can forget about sunbathing and the photographs on the website are taken cleverly to show area's that seem bigger than they are.

Port Douglas on the other hand is beautiful and we really enjoyed our stay there. I never usually take the time to write a review about something but I used other peoples views on this site to book this appartment and felt let down. So if you are thinking of staying here, i hope this is of use to you and to all you other review writers...........you must be so easily pleased.

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