What to expect at The Paw House Inn A review of The Paw House Inn

We just came back from staying at The Paw House Inn (Aug 12-14). We expected something a little more plush but still managed to have a great time, we will defnitely be back. Here are some things you should know about the Paw House Inn:

The Cons

1. No locks on doors

2. No outdoor movies, the website should take this off, or add that this will be offered during certain times.

3. Mario's Playhouse is basically a kennel that is best suited for large dogs. It is only supervised during the hours of 10AM - 4 PM. So if you plan on going to breakfast or dinner, plan on either taking your dog with you, unless you are OK leaving your dog in an unattended and unlocked kennel. The Inn does supply a list of dog friendly dinner establishments, we highly recommend the Lake House and Cafe Provence, their owners, waiters and even cooks went out of their way to make us and our pooches feel welcomed.

The Pros

1. An extremely nice group of people attending the Paw House Inn. You and your dogs are made to feel welcomed.

2. Nice clean rooms.

3. An incredible breakfast is served every morning. All ingredients are fresh and tasty.

4. If you feel uneasy leaving your pet in the Playhouse (kennel), there are plenty of dog friendly snack bars and a few dog-friendly restaurants that are excellent for lunch and dinner. We were lucky enough to meet a couple that felt the same way and so we took turns watching each others pooches while the other couple ate breakfast. This worked out quite well and we highly recommend having a plan on hand when visiting The Paw House. Either try to hook up with someone when you arrive or go with friends that are just as concerned as you are. Don't let this keep you from having a good time.

5. A really nice playground with agility equipment is on the premises, this is fenced in and there is always a bowl of water outside for your pooch. Our doggies had a wonderful time in this playground!

6. The grounds are very well maintained

7. Plan on leaving your shoes off when walking through the Inn, this keeps their floors well maintained and no chance of getting doggy doo throughout the house (although, I never even saw any on the grounds).

8. Plenty of fun to be had with your pooch. The owner has a great list of lakes, beaches and hiking trails that you can enjoy with your doggy! Plan on staying a minimum of three days, there is so much to do in the area. Although everything is so spread out, you have a beautiful view of the coutryside to enjoy during your drives around the towns.

I have to admit we were expecting something a little more plush for our doggies, but our doggies still had an incredible time and so did we! We know now what to expect and will definitely go back. We have been to other B&B's, quite a few, but we were always made to feel uncomfortable because either we were the only ones with dogs or our dogs were very limited as to where they could walk through. This is definitely not the case at The Paw House Inn, they were very accomodating and friendly. As you can see there are definitely more pros than cons.

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