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I'm writing in regards about Westgate Resorts. I am a timeshare owner at this resort and have owned it for over a year. I have never had nothing but hassles and aggravations from this place. They real you in get your money then your on your own to figure out the rest from there. They say your suppose to get all these discounts to things and places and discounted hotels if they have nothing available. Well, they never have nothing available for you and there discounts are a joke, because I can get the same rates by calling over the phone. I know I've checked before. When trying to make getaway reservations nobody speaks good English (at all). I spent a whole day on the phone once trying to get my reservation straightened out because they didn't know how to spell my last name. It has been unbelievable the problems I've had with this company. Timeshares aren't what they are brought out to be !!!

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