What a wonderful relief! A review of Park Hotel of Hot Springs

I was a frequent visitor to Hot Springs for several years (in the winter) and last year I said I would not ever stay again at the Park Hotel. They just let that beautiful historical hotel go down and the people staying and working there would scare anyone. Well, just last month a good friend of mine told me about the new ownership and that they have been busy, busy with, not only fixing it up, but putting the life back into it. I wasn't ready to commit to a reservation, so what I did was book myself at another hotel. And that is what I did, and I just happen to stroll by the Park Hotel. It was like the doors opened up and arms reached out welcoming me to come in and look around. I did. The lobby is simply magnificant and they moved the front desk and everything. (I was alittlt confused at first).

I really tip my hat to the owners. I was there for over an hour. When I told the girl I had to go. I went straight to my room and packed and moved to my HOME, the Park Hotel (I believe they call it now "Park Hotel of Hot Springs"

They are putting their work in to the rooms and showed me around. I started getting hungary, and the restaurant is not quite finished but she told me that the owner owns a restaurant just the other side of bath house row. It's a cozy little Italian Restaurant called Angel's.

My routine is back and my home away from home is back looking beautiful, safe, clean and friendly.

Thank you for listening,

Susy Times

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