What a wonderful, old, charming hotel A review of Seven Gables Inn

Recently my husband & I took a weekend trip for a missionary conference in the St. Louis area. Our host booked our reservations at The Seven Gables Inn. After reading an awful review on your website-I was "not" excited. But upon our arrival - It was so cute and old fashioned - it was the best 3 1/2 days I've ever spent - It was great! The hotel employees were marvelous! They were kind and so very helpful. My father-in-law passed away while we were there and their hospitality and kindness, made our loss bearable. They went out of their way to help. Even though there were a few minor problems - the weather was great, the flowers were in full bloom and the hotel had all the antique charm one could ever want. Sure they were painting walls etc while we there and there was even a wedding and reception there. but over-all I felt so relaxed! No it's not modern - it's an old hotel - but it has all the "old charm" one could ever want. We all had a wonderful stay & would go back anytime.

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