What a terrible experience A review of Hilton Suites Ocean City Oceanfront

My wife, my 2 children (2 and 13) and i stayed at The Hilton in OC for memorial Day weekend. We arrived around 1pm and were told our room couldn't be garanteed before 3pm; we ended up getting a room around 6pm. Needless to say that with a 2 year old this wasn't easy; all the front desk offered us was 2 complimentary cocktails, which didn't do much for our son.

we proceeded to have dinner whilst waiting for our room. the restaurant was beautifully decorated but took ages and ages to serve us! we asked for some fries for the baby and got those after more than half an hour. food overall was good, if a little too spicy for kids. as an FYI we had breakfast there again the next morning and again service was beyond slow, there was no children menu, the staff's english was so bad that they diddn't understand half of what we were asking for and once again the food was way too spicy for children.

as far as the amenities are concerned, the gym has 2 treadmills, a couple of bikes and one weight machine, not exactly what you'd expect in a hotel that can probably accomodate more than 1500 people! the pools outside were nice but the kids area which looks huge on the website is actually tiny in reality, very disappointing; this area was heated the first day (friday) but very cold on saturday, sunday and monday.

The rooms are indeed the only true attraction of this hotel - very big rooms with living area, full kitchen, great bathrooms and large bedroom with beautiful view. however cleaning service was very bad with trash cans not emptied, maid forgetting her rubber gloves on a bed one day and the bathtub not cleaned once in the 3 days we were there! Gross!

Front desk personnel was nor pleasant nor unpleasant, certainly didn't see a smile once! when we checked in we were actually called from the line to the counter by an agent who pointed a finger at us and made a come here motion! i understand they were swamped that day but a minimum of customer service and courtesy would have been much appreciated. we also found that the staff was very quick at pointing out what they couldn't do but not as fast in fixing issues. we were without internet for the whole stay which made it impossible for my wife and i to do any kind of work. we didn't get movies on demand until 2 days into our trip (really bad for the kids!). the first night we waited for 2 hours for room service (we had ordered a glass of milk and a glass of apple juice!).

Overall, apart from the rooms that are really outstanding, the service, restaurants, amenities etc...are way below par and way way below what we expected having read the information about the hotel online on their website.

we will most definitely not recommend this property.

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