What a nightmare A review of Atlantis - Coral Towers

I read every review for months and truthfully didn't believe most of what I read but now I have my own sad tale of woe. First our room was in the Coral Tower and the balcony had a lovely view of a used condom which despite asking more than once for it to be cleaned, remained throughout my stay. On our second night we at at the Chinese restaurant, Chopstix, and the next day, my daughter and I were taken ill with what we ultimately found out was food poisoning. Uncontrollabe vomiting and diarhea. Atlantis medical services advised us to go to the hospital, which we did. They fixed us up for about $1900.00. Atlantis did nothing for us- we couldn't even speak to a manager for 3 days. They had Security take a report and kept telling us they were "doing an investigation". When we finalyy spoke to the manager she told us the investigation would take several weeks and they would "call us". They did not offer us any type of compensation at all. In addition, they charged us for items we didn't use in the mini bar and Carmine's "lost" our reservation. The food poisoning took two full days away from our trip and I never actually felt well again afterward and still don't. We missed our reservation at Mesa Grill and our sunset catamaran cruise. Take the information in these reviews seriously, I wish I had. It was a very expensive lesson.

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