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We stayed a whole week and enjoyed every minute of it atHarborside, Atlantis. When we arrived the first day, we went to a localmarket for grocery's called Solomons, by taxi. When we got back to put ourgrocery's up, the refrigerator had quite. Harborside had it replaced within30 minutes with a brand new one. Excellent service. The buses do run fromthe Atlantis to Harborside about every ten minutes but we enjoyed the walk.It's only about 1/2 mile walk and there are alot of shops & restaurantson the way with very good eating. It's also cheaper than the Atlantis. Theunits at Harborside truly have everything that you need. A full equippedkitchen, stereo unit, t.v.'s, and washer/dryer. They are very nicelydecorated and very clean. The maid service only comes once though, anyextra maid service will be charged to your room. So you have to wash yourtowels daily. The exercise room is also very nice with up to dateequipment. The pools are nice, along with the hot tub. The whole area isnicely kept up and very clean. We mainly spent our time at the Atlantis. Itmet every expectation and even more! Truly a fantastic place and veryfamily orientated. The beaches are incrediable there. Alot of famous peoplestay here also. We saw Britney Spears, and a few NBA Players there. Therestaurants are also amazing but very expensive. Dinner is of course moreexpensive. Be prepared to pay $30.00 to $50.00 per meal, per person atdinner time. For lunch, we ate at the beach towers alot, at the Cave Grill.They offer the cheapest hamburger combo's. You can get 4 hamburgers, 2fries, & 4 drinks for $22.00, which is a bargain at the Atlantis. Wehad a family of four. The lunch area's next to the temple slides & playarea's are newer and more costly. The hamburgers do not come in combo's andare $10.00 a plate. They do offer there assistance in planning excursionsbut we prepaid before we left home. You get a bigger discount that way. Wedid the full-day powerboat trip to Exuma. They hand feed sharks &stingray's. Also the all you can eat bar, & lunch is very, very good. Iwould highly recommend this tour to anyone. Also we did a half daysnorkeling trip Stuart's Cove. The trip to get there by bus was about anhour but once we got to the south side, they had boats waiting to take yousnorkeling. It's a very good, professional excursion establishment. Therewas a small group on each boat, not to crowded and you get alot ofassistance. They take to snorkeling to two different reefs and my favoritepart was the third and last stop. They let you swim over the reef sharks!There must of been 20 to 30 of them swimming around the bottom feeders.Once we swam over them, we got back on the boat and they brought thefeeders to the surface and hand feed them from the boat. Thye must hav been5 to 6 ft. long sharks. The most incrediable experience if you likeexcitement. The cost is very reasonable as well, paying only $35.00 perperson.Well, there's our trip in a nut shell. We would do it again andprobally will. We have been to Mexico, Hawaii and now the Bahamas, and ourchoice will be the Bahamas!

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Atlantis - Harborside Resort
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